Oil to Gas Conversion

We as humans have been adjusting the heat of our environments since we first discovered fire, and from that time the heating of our environments has come a long way. For those that experience cold and harsh winters you know the importance of keeping your house warm, in those dreary months. At Esposito plumbing we know the rising cost of heating your home with oil has become a burden on your family, as heating bills can be a nightmare to pay in those cold winter months. Rather than letting yourself freeze so you don’t have to pay those frightening heating bills, Esposito plumbing can help you convert your home from oil heating to natural gas.

The pros of having a natural gas heating far outweigh those of traditional oil heating. Converting your home to a gas heater is more efficient that the use of oil heating. Consequently, decades old oil heaters are very inefficient and why would you pay for a new costly oil heater, when you can just covert to the cheaper and more efficient alternative, gas heating.

Natural gas heating is far less expensive than oil heating, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) homeowners with gas heating pay on average $732 for heating during winter, compared to homeowners with oil heating who pay on average $2,535 for oil heating. Subsequently, homeowners with gas heating save up 71 % more on their heating bills than those using oil heating.

Accordingly, the money you’d be saving on heating bills could go towards your next vacation somewhere warm and tropical. When converting to gas heating make sure to call us at Esposito plumbing, as installing a new heating system isn’t a do it yourself job.

At Esposito plumbing our professionals can easily install your new gas heating system, in accordance with all your local by-laws and regulations for gas lines. At Esposito plumbing will take the vital steps to guarantee the proper installation of your gas heating system, so you’ll have nothing to worry about. We here at Esposito plumbing understand that you might be afraid of the cost of converting to a new gas heating system, but worry not because at Esposito plumbing we can do oil to gas conversion for under $200!!

Esposito plumbing promotes gas heating as it’s more environmentally friendly than oil heating, as gas burns a lot cleaner than oil. Moreover, gas heating emits 28% less C02 than oil heating, thus gas heating contributes less to climate change than oil heating does. Natural gas also produces much less sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and other deadly toxics than oil heating produces, making gas heating safer than its dangerous and costly alternative, oil heating. As America faces ever looming energy challenges, due to the market volatility of oil, and its subsequent depletion, natural gas is a much safer alternative. Esposito Plumbing is a local business that operates out of Long Island, New York and services the Freeport, Rockville Centre, Massapequa, and Wantagh area. So if you’re in our area and want your heating system converted to natural gas for under $200, call Esposito plumbing today at 516 293 2600.