Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps service

Helping install and fix the sump pump issues in Long island

Keep your basement dry, mold free and protect your home’s foundation. Sump pumps stand constant guard against water sneaking into your basement or lower level and ruining everything. Water in the basement can lead to mold growth, foundation problems, flooding and the destruction of your priceless belongings like photo albums, furniture, electronics, etc.

It’s important not only to have a sump pump but to check it occasionally to make sure it’s still working properly. Our experts can handle all of of your:

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Sump Pit Installation
  • Sump Pump Battery Backup System

It is important that your pump is properly sized and installed correctly so that it can handle any kind of moisture that comes its way. We can provide you with these services in Bethlehem, Allentown, Whitehall, Easton and the Entire Lehigh Valley