Tank Type

Tank Type Water Heaters

Repairing or installing the standard tank water heaters

Water heaters (gas & electric powered) are the most common. They heat water before you need it and store it in the tank. They are available in a wide range of sizes from 6-gallon to 120-gallon storage capacity. The most common size and least expensive, based upon cost per gallon, is a 50-gallon size. A newer water heater will typically be better insulated than an older model. The preferred fuel is natural gas as it is cheaper to operate over time than an electric model. New gas water heaters have more options than the old and they have been re-designed to minimize igniting flammable vapors, which may be present in basements or garages.

When your standard tank type water heater is having problems producing and keeping up with your home’s water supply demands we can help. The problem by be simple, or the whole system may be un-repairable. No matter the problem we will have it fixed in no time.